Where does such hatred come from that one chooses to live their life miserably, in pursuit of making another’s life miserable. When will we learn to live as a body of individuals who can have a difference of opinion and allow that difference to breed education and understanding instead of violence and pain. When will people be able to live their lives being who they are and feeling love and acceptance for doing so, in stead of living life as society demands, keeping their true self hidden from light, afraid of the scrutiny it will cause.

We have to embrace one another and allow people to be themselves, and to have their opinions, even when different then our own. But to do so, we must know that our opinions, even if not believed in by another, will still be accepted, by offering that person the same acceptance for who they are, and what they believe, even if we do not.

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thousandsofhotgaycocks asked:

Where do u sell your products, I only wear thongs and I'm always looking for good, comfy, sexy pairs

Breaking the mold and freeing men since 1987 Answer:

We love our customers! We love working directly with all of them and listening to their feedback and suggestions, learning what each wants and adapting our products and collections as necessary. Because of this, the vast majority of sales are through our own websites:  




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We truly always welcome feedback and suggestions.

me: *tries to get a girls number*

girl: you're not one of those guys that doesnt text when they get the number right?

me: i'm one of those guys who never gets the number